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Flat Plate Solar Thermal Collectors RA251-4

Upright design Horizontal design

Recently added to product range

is our high quality flat plate solar thermal collector for Vertical and Horizontal mounting in addition to traditional mounting methods.

The special features of the RA251-4 are:

  • Vertical, Angled and Horizontal mounting
  • Anodised charcoal colour in double wall aluminium frame, 
  • Laser welded harp absorber with 10 harp tubes and a blue, highly selective vacuum coating
  • Mineral wool thermal insulation with a low content binding agent to rear panel and sides.
  • Hail resistant, low iron safety glass, 4 mm thick aperture cover
  • Gross area 2.51 m²
  • Aperture area 2.22 m²
  • Fluid content 1.3 Litre
  • Minimum collector yield > 525 kWh/m²a
  • Connections 4 x EF 18 mm
  • Dimensions 2340L x 1073W x 90D
  • Weight 46 kg
  • Operating pressure 10 bar Max.
  • Max 6 collectors per row