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Seiden quarter Reutlingen

Following the relocation of Reutlinger Seidenweberei (now called Webatex) to the Reutlingen West industrial estate, areas became available that were reclassified as residential areas.

6 apartment blocks with 60 residential units and
gardens and parks adorn the 15,000m² housing project "Seidenviertel".

The property developer's advertising slogan was 'holiday money instead of heating costs'.

All new builds meet the requirements of the KfW 60 low energy house.

A solar system made up of 72 flat plate collectors was mounted on 45° angle supports on the flat roofs facing south-west.

The total collector surface of approx. 170 m² charge
2 special ratiotherm stratified storage tanks connected in parallell using the Tichelmann principle, each with a 6000 litre volume and a special layer insert of 10 m³/h.

Heat is transferred by a special ratiotherm solar station for 180 m² of collector surface.

A special ratiotherm hot domestic water cascade
supplies the inhabitants with fresh hot water.

Secondary heating is provided by cascade gas condensing boilers.