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Greenhouse complex in Holland

Large-scale stratified storage tank 350,000 litres
layer insert 110m³/h

van der hoeven project

The company, van der Hoeven greenhoesebuilders bv, plan and create industrial greenhouse complexes with floor areas of 10,000 to 40,000 m².
The energy supply for heating these buildings is provided by gas condensing boilers. Furthermore, a part of the exhaust fumes emitted in the combustion process are fed into the greenhouses to improve the CO2 level.

To bridge idle periods and take up excess heat during operation in the summer (CO2-led operation), heat storage facilities with a capacity
of approx. 300 to 4,000 m³ water are planned.
These thermal large-scale storage tanks are equipped with thermal hydraulic charging and discharging devices which serve the purpose of increasing the efficacy of the boiler due to greater use of the heat output.

The first system employing this technology was commissioned at the end of 2003. The buffer tank holds 310m³, has an internal diameter of 7,400 mm and a total cylinder height of 8,000 mm.
It is a black steel design. The max. operating temperature is 95 °C in simulated calculation results.

A feasibility study was carried out resulting in an amortisation period of between 3 and 8 years.

The thermal hydraulic layer insert comprises 6 twin chamber system stratification pipes, which by means of horizontally arranged star-type distributors provide for the completely calm (laminar) inflow/outflow (charge and discharge) of 110m³/h of heating water, thereby enabling the thermal-physical stratification of water. The connected boiler output is 2325 kW.

The potential reduction in primary energy is approx. 10% after one year of operation, exceeding all expectations within the cooperation with Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences (FH)