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Crailsheim public utilities

Large-scale stratified storage tank 100,000 litre layer insert 40m³/h local solar heat supply, housing estate Hirtenwiesen II owner: Crailsheim public utilities Crailsheim public utilities are planning the construction of a vertical buffer storage facility holding 100 m³ water. The project is being sponsored within the framework of the Federal research project, "Solar Heat 2000 Plus". The storage facility has an internal diameter of 3,200 mm, a total height of 12,000 mm and the prototype is being constructed with finished, prestressed concrete parts. It will act as the "leading storage facility" for a large solar heat and district heating network. In the second construction phase, it will be extended by a seasonal water storage tank. An integrated thermal hydraulic layer insert for a flow rate of 40 m³/h has been installed to enable a more efficient transfer of solar heat. (diameter 800 mm, height 12,000 mm). The storage tank has been completely lined with stainless steel and equipped with measuring technology from Stuttgart University (ITW). The ITW has been assigned the operational test measurement of the system.