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Why Ultimate Efficiency is possible with OSKAR.

Optimal charging and discharging for achieving a unique advantage and efficiency compared to traditional thermal storage methods.

The principle for energy charging and discharging is the key element for efficient and effective utilisation of the stratified storage tank.

The whole vessel storage capacity can be utilised at differing temperature levels for withdrawal to hot water and heating circuits, and from the differing temperature inputs provided by varied heat generating equipment.

As an example: the return from the domestic hot water station can be used via the OSKAR to provide the flow to the Under Floor Heating or if not required, can be placed back into OSKAR and used again when required.

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Intelligent storage

Regardless of the temperature and where the heat source is derived, OSKAR will store it like a battery, or better described, a heat accumulator, and when that heat is FREE solar energy it will store this to a maximum of 95⁰C.

The respective energy is thereby layered into the appropriate level within OSKAR according to its temperature.

The OSKAR principle: 40⁰C heat energy from the solar collectors is fed into the 40⁰C layer within OSKAR without mixing with the 70⁰C layer from the good sunshine the day before. And very special to the principle of OSKAR, it does this without cooling the higher temperature down, thus not destroying valuable energy of a high temperature gained from the previous day of sunshine.

This OSKAR principle applies not only for solar systems, but also to all heat generators, such as biomass appliances, heat pumps, boilers, waste heat reclamation and any other heat generation equipment now or in the future. OSKAR enables each heat generator to reach its ideal operating temperature and stores these energies, practically without any loss, in the respective temperature layers until they can be used for central heating or hot water.


Useful distribution

As soon as energy is needed for central heating or domestic hot water heating, OSKAR delivers exactly the correct amount of heat required from the respective temperature layer. Not more and not less, not hotter and not colder. 

And OSKAR has one more efficiency measure. The higher temperature returns from radiators and domestic hot water, is placed once more back into the layers within OSKAR and used again.