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Why the consistent use of laws of nature?

Quite simple: taking example from nature

The stratified storage technology from ratiotherm is based on three simple physical facts:


water is an excellent energy storer
- hardly any other substance can store so much heat per kilogram.


depending on the temperature, water has a different weight
- hot water rises, cold water sinks, which allows for stratification according to the principle of gravity.


water is a bad conductor of heat - different layers of temperature are preserved for a long time.

OSKAR utilises these natural laws to store hot water in any number of layers. With OSKAR this stratification occurs without the use of external energy and without the support of electronic or mechanical expendable parts.

Particularly efficient:

thermal hydraulic layer inserts from ratiotherm

The main problem with stratified storage tanks is the stability of their stratification when charging and discharging the tank.

The patented thermal hydraulic layer insert from ratiotherm guarantees permanent, stable stratification and thus the maximum efficiency of the tank.

The supply and withdrawal of reservoir water takes place via an internal layer insert which could also be called a "temperature lift".

There the water sorts itself according to the gravity principle to then settle practically current-free in the corresponding temperature zone of the stratified storage tank.

In addition, supply and withdrawal take place in a presorted manner, that is, according to the temperature level near to the corresponding temperature layer.

This reduces possible heat losses in the layer insert and connection system significantly optimising heat withdrawal .