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Conventional boiler technology:

Investment: 1.740,- €

Hot water tank (boiler) 400 L

  • with cleaning opening
  • Heating circulating pump (tank charging pump)
  • Pump stop set return set
  • Charge and discharge line with insulation



Why is ratiotherm technology worth it?

ratiotherm fresh water system:

Investment: 2.440,- €

  • with stratified storage tank with 400 litre volume
  • Ball valve set
  • Direct attachment kit
  • Support rail
  • Compact domestic water station
  • Heating water circulating pump
  • and tank charging pump

Additional consumption boiler technology:

Additional consumption in boiler system due to:

  • Heat loss due to higher supply temperature (65 °C)
  • Cooling loss due to connections in the hot zone
  • Inefficiency of the condensing boiler technology due to high return temperatures and great losses in the circulation

Savings with fresh water technology

  • Supply temperature (55 °C)
  • No connections in the hot zone (therefore no heat loss)

Advantages of ratiotherm fresh hot water technology:

  • less calcification and
  • less maintenance for fresh water systems
  • Solar compatibility of the system both
    • for hot water and
    • heating support
  • Hygienic, healthy, domestic hot water
  • High hot water output
  • Ability to accommodate requirements