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Do burners have to start up so often?

The problem:

30,000 burner start-ups with a high ratio of pollution; burner start-ups without OSKAR

Start-up processes are accompanied by high pollutant emissions and consumption .

Even state-of-the-art heating systems (oil or gas) never produce exactly the amount of heat needed at a particular moment.

This causes frequent activation and deactivation (cycling) of the burner and thus to increased pollutant emissions. This is comparable to a car travelling in urban traffic: accelerating .... braking .... accelerating .... braking ....

Therefore, this frequent heating and cooling process of the heat generator uses up energy needlessly.

The costs for increased wear of the burner have not even been taken into account yet in this respect.

The solution:

the patented ratiotherm stratified storage technology.

The necessity for storing or preventing excess heat energy was recognised early on.

The proposed solutions range from simple buffer storage to storage tanks with a variety of built-in components right through to high-tech boilers.

However, true efficiency has only been achieved by these means in some segments.

The breakthrough...

. . Burner start-ups with OSKAR

was first achieved with the thermal hydraulic stratified storage tank.

The patented thermal hydraulic ratiotherm stratified storage technology is solely based on physical principles and does not require any control technology, thus making it maintenance-free and fail-safe.

This stratified storage tank relieves the burner by reducing the start-up and stopping procedures to a minimum. This is comparable to a car travelling at a regular speed on the motorway.

When used together with solar power, the pollutant emissions are reduced by up to 70%, provided consumers suited to low-temperatures are installed in the house.