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Bespoke tank

ratiotherm is the expert for the intelligent accumulation, storage and distribution of heat from any kind of energy sources.

The size of the tank and amount of heat, therefore the size of the volume flow plays a lesser role in terms of both charging and discharging.

A multitude of project-related, special products have emerged as a result, which are all based however on the same principles and ratiotherm philosophy (inside ratiotherm logic).



Munich 6,000,000 litres

Press release "Sun, Wind & Heat"

Within the context of a pre-planning study, a concept for a solar-powered local heating system with a seasonal heat storage facility has been developed for the Bavarian capital of Munich. The area to be supplied is a part of the new housing estate planned for "am Ackermannbogen" near to the Olympia Park. Mainly multi-storey residential buildings have been planned for the selected utility area with a gross area of 26,600 m²; these are to be built as low energy designs.
The overall heat requirement for heating, ....


Crailsheim 100,000 litres

Crailsheim public utilities are planning the construction of a vertical buffer storage facility holding 100 m³ water. The project is being sponsored within the framework of the Federal research project,
"Solar Heat 2000 Plus“. The tank has ....


Holland 310,000 litres

The company, van der Hoeven greenhoesebuilders bv, plan and create industrial greenhouse complexes with floor areas of 10,000 to 40,000 m².
The energy supply for heating these buildings is provided by gas condensing boilers. Furthermore ...