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energyAWARD 2010 for OSKAR-MAX-SOL²

For the second time, RENEXPO® and “joule” the magazine for renewable energies awarded the energy-award.

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It is awarded to people that are particularly committed to the field of renewable energies and energy efficiency when it comes to building & redevelopment.

People are sought from the areas of wood energy, heat pumps, energy efficient construction and redevelopment, solar technologies and power/heat cogeneration up to 200 kW.

The high-calibre jury representing politics, associations, media and the economy evaluated the applications entered according to the criteria of innovative power, commitment, ability to communicate, wide-ranging impact and exemplary character.

The winners received their awards in the "Golden Hall" of the Augsburg City Hall.

Amongst the prize winners for the heat pump category was
Mr Alfons Kruck
(Head of Research and Development at ratiotherm)

for our
hybrid heat pump OSKAR-MAX-SOL²



The highly efficient SOLAR-combined
heat pump

Energy sources from solar collectors and ambient air are directly combined with the refrigeration circuit of a heat pump in a new kind of evaporator unit.

The brine circuit in the solar collectors, the refrigerating agent and air flow through the evaporator. There are further options available for connecting more circuits, e.g. waste heat.

The constant evaporation of the refrigerating agent within the heat pump circuit is ensured in that a control unit additionally supplies the evaporator with outside air using a speed-controlled fan, depending on the power provided by the solar collectors. If this solar power is sufficient to evaporate the refrigerating agent completely, the fan unit switches off and evaporation takes place via the collectors only.

If the output of the solar collectors decreases, the air flow is increased in the evaporator, depending on the pressure in the refrigeration circuit. This ensures that a sufficient quantity of refrigerating agent can always evaporate completely in the heat pump thus guaranteeing that the process within the refrigeration circuit runs smoothly.

As the temperatures in the evaporator lie between +20 °C and -20 °C, depending on the operating point of the refrigeration circuit, the solar collector system is also able to supply power at these temperatures within the solar circuit. In the case of standard solar systems, this is only possible for temperatures above 40 °C.

Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences (FH) assisted in the operational test measurement of the system. It was demonstrated that the diffuse light rays on the collector are sufficient to supply the temperatures needed for the new kind of heat pump evaporator unit.

The air flow supplied can also be pre-heated by the solar system; in fact, the evaporator temperature can also be increased even when the solar system is only generating a low output of energy.

This has an effect on the coefficient of performance and therefore the use of electricity.

With the new hybrid heat pump, considerably higher coefficients of performance can be achieved, as the temperature in the evaporator is increased by the solar system. Furthermore, the yield of a solar collector system can also be practically doubled.

Current outputs:

9 kW - 13 kW - 18 kW