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ratiotherm control technology

Central controller
Universal controller
Range controller
Practical application

Perfect equipment technology absolutely requires harmonious interaction between the hydraulics and control/monitoring!

Only optimally cross-adjusted and intelligently linked components or systems with high-quality hydraulics, control and monitoring technology guarantee long-lasting, reliable functioning and optimal energy-saving operating modes with the greatest possible convenience.

"ratiotherm control logic" represents this complex total entity.

To implement the ratiotherm control logic a complete range of control technology is available for the entire ratiotherm technology range, for both the optimal operation of ratiotherm complete systems and individual ratiotherm components/assemblies, e.g. for SOK, TWK or MK.

Depending on the control system, the ratiotherm control logic also includes the operation of heat generators and heat consumers of a complete system.

The ratiotherm central control system "rUVR" + „rZR“ represents an optimal, highly efficient solution guaranteeing the best operating method for all heating and domestic hot water heating systems.

Especially in very complex systems, this control system assumes the overall control of the optimal interaction between heat generator(s)/heat consumer(s), stratified storage tank(s) and all customised charging, discharging and distributor groups in an ideal manner.

Only this ultimately allows highly efficient energy usage, both in terms of the heat generation and the heat distribution.

A central "interface" in the ratiotherm control logic is the submersion pipe bundle with 5 submersion pipes, vertically installed in the OSKAR-10/… or OSKAR-06/…

These submersion pipes can easily accommodate several sensors in infinitely variable positions and at the required/requested height, which can be adjusted as needed.

This enables the optimal adjustment/coordination of all relevant equipment systems with the greatest possible consideration of the user/operator preferences maintaining the greatest level of convenience and, at the same time, maximum energy/cost savings.