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Technology Partnerships

Sales, design and installation of ratiotherm oskar products are only available through specialist technology partner companies.

This simple but fundamental approach is the essential ingredient to complete satisfaction and is steadfastly upheld by ratiotherm and their technical partners throughout the World.

ratiotherm technology partners – "rTP" – are specialist companies which are thoroughly familiar with the ratiotherm technology having participated in intensive training programmes and continuing professional education.

Always maintaining close and constant liaison with the ratiotherm team – Service/Engineering/Sales– to the benefit and advantage of all interested parties, customers, users, specialist companies and, last but not least, the technology partners and ratiotherm themselves.Based on the motto "a chain is as strong as its weakest link", a competent, thoroughly trained and specialist company - the ratiotherm technology partner - is the indispensable link in finding a long lasting heating system for long term reliability and ultimate energy efficient.

ratiotherm (UK) Ltd
Unit 701, Merlin Park 
Ringtail Road 
Lancashire. L40 8JY

Tel.: 01704 211 708

E-mail: heat@ratiotherm.co.uk 

ratiotherm Germany
Heizung + Solartechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Wellheimer Strasse 34
91795 Dollnstein 

Privacy statement:
I understand that by completing the request form my personal details may be forwarded to the most appropriate ratiotherm technology partner for the purpose of my enquiry.