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Solar compact station (SOK)

The solar compact stations comprise two hydraulic circuits separated by a high-quality stainless steel heat exchanger.

The so-called primary side (collectors - heat exchanger cycle) are filled with an anti-freeze liquid to prevent freezing in the winter.

The heat generated in the collectors is transported through the primary pump of the SOK via a well insulated pipeline system to the heat exchanger.

Only after the heat exchanger has been sufficiently heated, does the secondary pump of the SOK transport the heat into the heating water of the stratified storage tank.

The heating water in the stratified storage tank can now be heated up to 95 °C.

A negative temperature exchange from the tank to the collectors (unintentional tank heat loss) – possible with many storage tank systems with internal heat exchangers - is prevented by the separating system of the SOK!

Volume adjustment valves installed in the SOK regulate a volume flow that is optimal for the solar system to reach the highest level of efficiency in the collector field and heat exchanger while in operating mode.