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Compact station TWK-S70

  • Charging pump UPS 25-60,
  • ball valves,
  • gravity brake with manual operation,
  • venting,
  • flow and return thermometers,
  • 3-way mixing valve with sensor/controller without auxiliary power (setting range 40° - 70 °C),
  • block insulation;
  • plate heat exchanger unit
    with special connection system and T-piece for
  • connecting up to the circulation system,
  • cold water connection set with flow switch,
  • incl. thermal enclosure made of EPP (expanded polypropylene)
  • Charging pump and flow switch with connection cable. (In conjunction with ratiotherm control units, the charging pump speed can be steadily adjusted)

Compact station TWK-S70 for direct installation on the attachment distributor or compact heater direct attachment kit

TWK-S70 performance data