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ratiotherm - intelligent heat utilisation

The latest development in heating engineering is increasingly dependent on how successfully and how well alternative sources of energy are used (e.g. sun and wood) and additionally how the efficacy of traditional heat generators can be improved. A future-proof system combines the advantages of various heat generators by utilising all kinds of heat for a specific purpose. The unused potential does not lie in the energy recovery, but in the intelligent storage and logical distribution of heat.

ratiotherm anticipated this future-led development and designed the thermal hydraulic stratified storage tank. A principle for heat storage that leaves all other market solutions far behind. The patented thermal hydraulic stratified storage tank works without any kind of control system, devices or other expendable parts. It is simply based on the physical properties of water alone.


This stratified storage tank relieves the burner by reducing the start-up and stopping procedures to a minimum. When used together with solar power, the pollutant emissions are reduced by up to 70%, provided consumers suited to low-temperatures are installed in the house (underfloor heating; large radiators).

Intelligent storage technology is the future of modern heating systems


This technology can be installed or retrofitted anywhere and can even integrate any type of heat generator. In the future, modern heating will mean intelligent storage and the logical distribution of heat energy. ratiotherm combines vision and technology, and is making useful progress in dealing with heat and developing long-term concepts for practical application.



ratiotherm is a prominent trademark for the intelligent storage of heat and its logical distribution. Each product based on ratiotherm expertise receives the logo "inside-ratiotherm-logic".

This mark stands for the highest quality and integrated applications engineering from the company "ratiotherm" and is a superior purchasing factor for any user and investor.


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