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Products with distinction


Thermal store or heat storage like OSKAR-10 are the ideal stratified storage tanks in any hot water and central heating system using heat generation from any kind of heat source.  This combined storage tank offers you high efficiency and energy-saving system for central heating and hot water production that can significantly reduce operational costs.

The hydraulic separation within the layered reservoir or heat bank of the heat generators and consumers and the specialised charge and discharge of the heating stations allow easy and space saving installation adapted to your needs.


How it works - Oskar stratified storage tank.

Funktion Schichtspeichertechnik

Efficiency, Flexibility, Independence - OSKAR the intelligent thermal store.

Special products for special circumstances

Stratified storage tanks and combined storage tanks from Bavaria
currently up to 6 million litres

Designed in Bavaria by innovative heating specialists based on a natural principle of water layering at differing temperatures -  OSKAR is the expert special thermal store replacing buffer tanks and offering solutions with any or multiple heat source’s, traditional renewable or waste heat to any size of project.

The heat storage tank size, heat quantitiy and volume flow of the heating system play a less significant role in terms of both charging and discharging through the buffer store.

Consequently, there are numerous project-related special products for heating systems using our stratified storage tanks/combined storage tanks, based on the same stratified storage technology and our "inside ratiotherm logic" special thermal store philosophy.